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Single Disc Machine


Professional Orbital Scrubber

430 MM
Working Width
90 RPM
Brush Speed
15 L
Solution Tank
1100 W
Max Power

The TPO-43 Orbital single disc machine exploits the principle of the roto-orbital system to achieve excellent stability and great ease of use and maneuverability, making it suitable for even the least experienced operators and making physical strength no longer a requisite. The roto-orbital movement also enhances the cleaning results of a regular single disc machine, making TPO-43 Orbital particularly recommended for heavy duty cleaning.

TPO-43 Orbital offers all the advantages of roto-orbital movement such as reduced electrical, water and detergent consumption, as well as achieving superior results in less time compared to a regular disc machine.

TPO-43 Orbital ensures exceptional results on any type of floor and is particularly recommended for frequent applications like heavy duty cleaning or scrubbing, de-waxing and crystallization.

TPO-43 Orbital is suitable for frequent applications like heavy duty cleaning or scrubbing, de-waxing and crystallization. Extremely versatile, it's the ideal solution for use in healthcare, public and HoReCa sectors, as well as for cleaning contractors and service companies operating in the retail spaces.

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Features and Benefits
Two movements in one: roto-orbital

Simultaneous with the natural rotary movement of the disc, which can vary from 0 to 90 rpm, the system always generates a constant orbital movement that allows to pass very quickly over the same point many times. 

Perfect adhesion to the surface

The working area is always constant and the brush/disc always remains level with respect to the surface, adhering perfectly.

Reduced water consumption and faster carpet drying times, help prevent mold formation

The fibers are cleaned and regenerated through vibration, and dirt particles are removed even from deep pile carpets.

  • Drive Direct Drive
  • Working width 43cm
  • Brush Ø 43cm
  • Pad holder Ø 43cm
  • Orbits per minute 1400 no.
  • Disc rotation 0-90 rpm
  • Power supply 230V/50Hz*
  • Tank 15L
  • Motor Power 1100W
  • Machine weight 42kg
  • Machine dimensions 460x560x1200mm