BENZ-LT15.250 (3WZ)


BENZ-LT15.250 (3WZ)
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BENZ-LT15.250 (3WZ)
Professional High Pressure Cleaner Honda Engine
250 BAR
250 BAR
15 L/MIN
Flow Rate
11.7 HP
Motor Power
  • Professional Heavy Duty Engine Driven High Pressure Cleaner
  • Triplex Plunger Crankshaft Brass Pump Designed In Germany
  • Powered By The World's Leading Honda Petrol Engine
  • Engineered With High Quality Components & Accessories For Superior And Effective Cleaning Performance
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Features and Benefits
Triplex plunger crankshaft pump designed in Germany.
High quality & Heavy duty components for superior & effective cleaning performance and longer lasting reliability.
Genuine Honda petrol engine for superior power output performance.
  • Pressure(Bar) 250
  • Flow Rate(L/Min) 15
  • Valve By-pass
  • Outlet Fitting M22 x D.15mm
  • Auto By-pass Yes
  • Water Filter Yes
  • Max. Intel Temp. 50°C
  • Engine Honda GX-390
  • Power(Kw/Hp) 8.7 / 11.7
  • High Pressure Hose 10 Meters
  • Trigger Gun SWIVEL (M22 x D.15)
  • ADJ.Vario Lance Yes
  • Turbo Lace Optional