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Floor Scrubbers


Professional Auto Scrubber Lithium-Ion

280 MM
Working Width
10 KG
Brush Pressure
3.0 L
Solution Tank
4.0 L
Recovery Tank

Vispa XS is the revolutionary floor scrubber with lithium battery that offers professional results in small, congested spaces, making cleaning professional on demand.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, it's the perfect solution for cleaning floors in fast food outlets, restaurants, bars, shops, small businesses and offices.

Vispa XS is suitable for all maintenance cleaning activities in small and cluttered places, up to 800 sq.m.

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Features and Benefits
Lithium Ion Technology Battery

You can quickly recharge it to use it during the same day as often as you wish

Parabolic Squeegee Perfect Scrubbing And Drying, In Any Direction

Vispa XS is perfect for restaurant businesses, cleaning effectively and effortlessly under tables and chairs because it washes and dries also when moving backwards.

  • Solution tank 3l/0,8gal
  • Recovery tank 4l/1,1gal
  • Voltage and nominal power 36V/255W
  • Working width 280mm/11inch
  • Squeegee width 325mm/12,6inch
  • Working capacity up to 900/9700 sq.m/h/sqft/h
  • Disc brush (1n.)280mm/11inch
  • Brush pressure 10kg/22lbs
  • Brush motor 36V/90W
  • Brush revolution 150rpm
  • Vacuum motor 36V/150W
  • Suction motor 21,6mbar
  • Traction Semi aut.
  • Forward speed 3,2 km/h
  • Max gradient at full load 2%
  • Batteries (n.) Li-ion 36V/5,2Ah C5(2)
  • Machine dimensions (Lxhxw) 555x1050x375mm / 21,6x41,3x14,6inch
  • Machine weight (without batteries) 20kg/44lbs