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Floor Scrubbers


Professional Auto Scrubber Electric Version

350 MM
Working Width
17 KG
Brush Pressure
8.0 L
Solution Tank
10.0 L
Recovery Tank

Vispa 35 is the floor scrubber that has revolutionized cleaning operations in small and congested areas because it's perfect to replace manual cleaning systems.

Floors are scrubbed, dried and hygienized in a single passage, so that they're immediately safe to walk on.

Designed for cleaning small shops, offices, canteens, restaurants, wellness centers, hair salons, doctors surgeries and nursery and other schools, Vispa 35 offers all the advantages of a professional scrubbing machine, with the practicality and compactness that have always distinguished it.

Vispa 35 is suitable for maintenance cleaning of floors up  to 1000 sq.m.

It is available in battery-powered and cable-powered scrubbing version and battery-powered sweeping version.

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Features and Benefits
The only scrubbing machine which ensures perfect scrubbing and drying also on bends without having to keep on straight track
Parabolic squeegee

Thanks to the combined action of the suction motor and the squeegee swinging around the brush, perfect drying is ensured also on bends.

Dirt is collected in the recovery tank which is easily removed for effort-less emptying
  • Solution tank 8l/2,11gal
  • Recovery tank 10l/2,64gal
  • Voltage and nominal power 220-230V/540W
  • Working width 350mm/13,77inch
  • Squeegee width 440mm/17,32inch
  • Working capacity up to 1050/11302,11 sq.m/h/sqft/h
  • Disc brush (1n.)350mm/13,77inch
  • Cylindrical brushes -
  • Brush pressure 17,17kg/37,85lbs
  • Brush motor 220-230V/320W
  • Brush revolution 140rpm
  • Vacuum motor 36V/150W
  • Traction Semi aut.
  • Forward speed 3 km/h
  • Max gradient at full load 2%
  • Batteries (n.) -
  • Machine dimensions (Lxhxw) 620x1050x440mm / 24,40x41,33x17,32inch
  • Machine weight (without batteries) 35kg/77,16lbs