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Floor Scrubbers


Professional Ride-On Auto Scrubber Battery Operated

850 MM
Working Width
60 KG
Brush Pressure
110 L
Solution Tank
125 L
Recovery Tank

The Innova family is a range of extremely versatile and easy to use ride-on floor scrubbers.

The compact dimensions and maneuverability of these scrubbing machines allow them to be used even in congested areas. 

Innova has always been a family of well-known scrubbing machines appreciated for their reliability and performance in floor scrubbing and drying. The automatic versions of Innova come as standard with the Eco Mode device; which guarantees a low noise level, making them ideal for daily use even in sensitive areas. All these characteristics make them particularly suitable for working in environments like supermarkets, shopping centers, hospitals, nursing homes, airports and stations, but also inside industrial production sites and warehouses.

Innova floor scrubbers are suitable for maintenance cleaning of floors up to 6000 sq.m.

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Features and Benefits
Manual working system (M version)

In the manual version the squeegee and the brush head are controlled by two independent levers giving outstanding user-friendliness even when used by unskilled operators 

Automatic squeegee uncoupling when accidentally impacted
Easy and complete tank sanitizing
  • Squeegee width 1085mm
  • Disc brushes Ø (n.) 430mm (2)
  • Cylindrical brushes Ø (n.) -
  • Brush rpm 170rpm
  • Brush motor (n.) 24V/450W (2)
  • Suction motor 24V/310W
  • Traction motor 24V/400W
  • Forward speed 0÷6km/h
  • Max gradient at full load up to 18%
  • Turning diameter 1910mm
  • Batteries (n.) 6V/210Ah C5(4)
  • Batteries weight 136kg
  • Working width mm 850
  • Brushes pressure 30÷60/30 KG
  • Power supply V/traction 24V/auto.
  • Solution tank 110 L
  • Recovery tank 125 L
  • Working capacity up to sq.m/h 5100
  • Machine dimensions LxHxW (mm) 1495,1320,680 mm
  • Machine weight kg (without batteries) 223 KG