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Floor Scrubbers


Professional Ride-On Auto Scrubber Battery Operated

560 MM
Working Width
15 KG
Brush Pressure
65 L
Solution Tank
75 L
Recovery Tank

Innova 55 is the ride-on scrubbing machine that multiplies productivity and halves times compared to walk-behind scrubbing machines.

Comac has designed this model to be extremely convenient; for the same cost as a walk-behind, Innova 55 is more comfortable and faster.

Its ultra-compact dimensions give this scrubber dryer the necessary maneuverability to perform in small spaces, going very easily around obstacles to complete cleaning operations quickly, with considerable savings on cleaning costs. That's why Innova 55 is the best solution for cleaning floors in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, sports centers, supermarkets and offices. 

Its technical characteristics and functions make it a professional scrubbing machine suitable for maintenance cleaning of floors up to 4500 sq.m.

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Features and Benefits
Quality Design In Every Last Detail

Steering is light and smooth, so it can be maneuvered and used in even the most congested areas and the narrowest passages with the minimum effort


The lowered footboard and access from both sides make it safer and more practical

Minimum Aisle Turn 1540/60,8 mm/inch

Cleans perfectly along walls without any need for manual cleaning operations

  • Solution tank 65 L / 17.17 Gal
  • Recovery tank 75 L / 19.81 Gal
  • Voltage and nominal power 24V/1220W
  • Working width 560mm/22inch
  • Squeegee width 705-800mm/27,8-31,5inch
  • Working capacity up to 3080/33152 sq.m/h/sqft/h
  • Disc brush (1n.)560mm/22inch
  • Brush pressure 15kg/33lbs
  • Brush motor 24V/500W
  • Brush revolution 160rpm
  • Vacuum motor 24V/420W
  • Suction vacuum 125mbar(standard mode)/76mbar(eco mode)
  • Acoustic level 63db(A)
  • Traction aut./rear
  • Traction motor 24V/300W
  • Forward speed 0÷5,5/3,4 km/h/mph
  • Turning diameter 1980mm/77,95inch
  • Battery compartment dimensions (LxHxW) 362x290x354mm / 14x11x13inch
  • Max gradient at full load 8%
  • Batteries (GEL)(q.ta)C5 12V/112Ah C5(2)
  • Batteries (WET)(q.ta)C5 12V/110Ah C5(2)
  • Batteries weight 76kg/167,5lbs
  • Machine dimensions (LxHxW) 1265x1030x600mm / 50x40x24inch
  • Machine weight (without batteries) 110kg/242lbs