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Floor Scrubbers


Professional Auto Scrubber Lithium-Ion

340 MM
Working Width
10 KG
Brush Pressure
1.2 L
Solution Tank
1.0 L
Recovery Tank

Igea is Comac's most compact floor scrubber, designed to replace manual cleaning systems like mops and buckets.

Igea is a micro floor scrubber suitable for maintenance cleaning of surfaces up to 300 sq.m.

Its extremely compact dimensions make it perfect for working in small or highly cluttered spaces like offices, shops, bars and small businesses, guaranteeing professional mechanized cleaning also in these environments.

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Features and Benefits
Cleans along walls
Versatile to scrub and dry all kinds of hard floors
Always ready to use, fast charge, maximum power, low running and maintenance costs, handy battery charger
  • Battery Power 25,6V/5,7Ah
  • Noise Level <70dB(A)
  • Brush Motor 24V/50W
  • Suction Motor 24V/100W
  • Machine Weight (with battery) 10Kg/lbs
  • Working Capacity 300/3229 sq.m/h/sqft/h
  • Machine dimensions (Lxhxw) 395x1295x445 mm/inch
  • Working width 340mm/13,38inch
  • Squeegee Width 395mm/15,55inch
  • Solution Tank 1,2l/0,31gal
  • Recovery tank 1l/0,26gal
  • Cylindrical Brush Ø (1n.)110mm/4,33inch
  • Battery Li-ion